Colour Lab

All inks are produced in our laboratory.
The colour is dispensed automatically by a mixing station containing 16 base colours.

The colour samples are filed and shipped to the customer for approval.
Each recipe is stored and attributed to the processing flow before the printing stage.

Paper die-cutting

Unlike our competitors, our production integrated with paper cutting from roll to sheets, a peculiarity that makes our company unique in this industry.


Integrated technologies:

2 Plotter cutters for samples and prototypes
Polymer embossing
Digital Cromalin

Offset and UV

We are equipped with 6 Heidelberg printing machines, 4 to 8 colours with integrated flexo varnishing module. Various dimensions of anilox cylinders allow us to apply glossy, opaque, acrylic, iriodine varnishes and to obtain effects such as smooth or textured drip-offs.

Screen printing

It’s an added value of our company; we can print colour and varnish on any support, or apply it as an additional finishing after offset and flexo printing.

The great value of screen printing consists of using frames with multiple threads such that we can create swelling effects, print metallized colours, glossy and opaque varnish, glitter and iriodin of all kinds and sizes.

Flexographic printing

The technological evolution of the flexographic printing process enables us to print in multiple colours while maintaining definition and precision.

Flexographic printing allows us to maintain a quick production pace, to be applied to a wider range of packaging solutions, while leaving intact the possibility to choose between solvent or water-based inks.


We apply all sorts of films, for endless customizations.

Cold foil

A pinpoint accuracy, imperceptible details transferred to a single execution, craftsmanship and high-end graphic decorations.

Hot printing

Brilliance and metal effects on the most diverse supports, an endless range of colours and surface textures, shiny metallic shades, glossy and opaque pigments, diffractive metal foils with hologram or pearlescent effects.

This process, more than any other, is able to give value and sophistication to your boxes and cases.


In the embossing process the printer’s expertise and the precision of our technology are revealed.

Refined embossing and seductive contours have the power to engage both the sight and the touch, creating a multi-sensory experience.


With integral separation techniques and an internal moulding machine, we guarantee a constant quality over time.

Rigid boxes

During the coating process, innovation takes shape.
The boxes are provided already assembled and ready for use.

Folding and gluing

Equipped with the most modern technologies, any task is within our reach.

The 6 BOBST folding and gluing lines, equipped with Easyfeeder and Cartonpack, allow us to pick up very small boxes automatically, to glue in very narrow stitches, to create different types of self-contained inner supports.

In-house production of die cutting tools

Few companies can rely on an internal production of die-cutting tools, without being forced to outsource the process. This becomes crucial for timeliness and costs.

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