Acts of kindness fill APG’s Christmas with joy

The true essence of Christmas embodies joy, smiles, positivity, and acts of kindness. At Albertini Packaging, we firmly believe in that, and that belief motivates us to cherish our values and support noble causes.

“We take pride in backing and contributing to the growth of small yet impactful projects aimed at educating young minds and fostering awareness for a more inclusive society,” stated President Emilio Albertini and CEO Michal Sobieski.

As is our tradition, APG will brighten the lives of students at the Rizzoli Institute Foundation in Milan, a renowned hub for graphic design, communication, and multimedia studies. Our company’s support will enhance the institute’s educational initiatives and improve essential technology, crucial for the upcoming generation that will steer the packaging and design sectors.

Moreover, Albertini Packaging places great emphasis on social responsibility and inclusivity. Hence, we opt to endorse the Social Enterprise I Bambini delle Fate in Rozzano, dedicated to empowering youngsters with disabilities through their successful Social Time Bank project. This endeavor aims to bridge the gap between disabled youths seeking to explore life and those hopeful for a more equitable future.

Support and optimism for a more inclusive tomorrow are the cornerstones of our actions at APG, directed towards youth, the environment, and society. We envision a future that is meritocratic, egalitarian, and characterized by genuine human values.

May this Christmas be a celebration that supports a future filled with hope and shared joy.


Albertini Packaging, along with its employees,

extend warm wishes for a Merry Christmas and serene holidays to all.

Natale APG 2023