APG and the art of screen printing

In a fiercely competitive market, the ability of packaging to send a premium message is crucial.

The box is no longer just a container but rather a persuasive tool, designed to establish an emotional connection with the consumer and influence purchase decisions. Some Neuromarketing research sets the number of impulse buys at 95%, while the remaining 5% of purchases are rational choices. The role played by emotional appeal and the importance of designing packaging that induces positive sensory experiences and influences product choice, is clear.

Like other finishing processes, screen printing is, without a shadow of doubt, the way to go to match extremely high levels of creativity with the ability to create the most exciting tactile and visual effects, subtly triggering the user’s emotional perceptions.

It is a time-tested technique, passionately pursued and passed down for more than 60 years at the Albertini Packaging Group. A technique that has also won the company a competitive edge. Because screen printing is predominantly a manual skill, it produces exquisite reproductions, akin to works of art. Precisely because the technique requires special skills and experience, the operator is actively involved in the entire print preparation and processing cycle.

If brilliant colors and special effects, the use of glossy, matte, metallic, satin, glitter, soft-touch and other inks that embellish the printed product are what you want, then screen printing is the method of choice. Not to mention that print durability is superior to almost any other method and, there is virtually no limit to the types of substrate that can be used.