APG Luxury Packaging Takes Center Stage at the World’s Most Creative Show

Albertini Packaging a Luxe Pack 2023

The 35th edition of the most creative and internationally renowned event dedicated to the world of luxury packaging is just around the corner. This will be an occasion to narrate the history of Albertini Packaging through our accomplishments, telling the world how APG has excelled in the Italian market for almost a century. A company […]

Techniques, colors, and refinements: excellence comes from selecting the finest workmanship

lavorazioni APG

There are not only excellent people behind our company’s great success but also excellent manufacturing processes. It might seem obvious, but the choice of innovative machinery, expertise in design and engineering, and the selection of suitable and certified raw materials mirror our company’s commitment and serious approach to offering high-quality packaging and determination to compete […]

APG is proud to support great projects in favor of inclusivity

APG supporta La banca del Tempo Sociale

Once again, this year, APG delightfully participated at the great event organized by “Il Balzo Cooperativa Sociale”. The association is dedicated to the implementation of socially inclusive projects dedicated to children and young people with disabilities. APG has been following and supporting the project “La Banca del Tempo Sociale” (The Social Time Bank) for many […]

APG continues to expand: a successful future for its Luxury department

APG espansione reparto luxury

APG is once again showcasing great innovation. The potential for packaging with high-quality standards along with constant production improvements, both in technology and sustainability, have enabled APG to exponentially improve its value, specifically in the luxury packaging sector. In recent years, demands have been increasing for cases and boxes in the cosmetics, perfumery, and wine […]

Luxury is just around the corner!

APG scatola ad angolo vivo

The fact that you have to smooth out edges to be perfect isn’t always the case. It’s quite the opposite! In the paper industry, a hard-corner cardboard box offers distinctive aspects and functional advantages. Conceptualized with a unique design and created with high-quality materials embellished with original details, the hard-corner cardboard box can effectively enhance […]

APG receives a Bronze rating from EcoVadis

ecovadis 2023 albertini packaging group

The year 2023 is off to a really good start for APG. Among our company’s achievements is one new addition. For the second year, the group has received its EcoVadis certification. EcoVadis is one of the most relevant global eco-sustainability rating platforms and measures the environmental, ethical, and social performance of companies based on assessments […]

Happy Easter!

APG buona pasqua

This year’s packaging trends are clear: environmental sustainability and more eco-friendly production. A call to the necessary rebirth of the environment. We at APG always wish for positive change and renewal, whether in business, the environment, or the lives of each and every one of us. With the same enthusiasm, we wish you all new […]

Plastic coated packaging? Yes, but completely organic thanks to APG!

packaging plastica bio l'oreal APG

Can a laminated plastic case be thrown in the same bin as paper? Well, yes it can. While it may seem like a contradiction, thanks to the latest technology, we can actually start talking about bio-plastic that is completely recyclable with paper. Some of our packaging used in the cosmetics industry is actually made of […]