The talented APG Balkan receives an award from the Italian-Serbian Chamber of Commerce

At the gala dinner organised by the Italian-Serbian Chamber of Commerce on 20th December, the Serbian division of Albertini Packaging Group received the sought after “Italian Style” award.

A ceremony held in the halls of the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Belgrade on the same day marked 20 years of cooperation between the organisation and Italo-Serbian entrepreneurs.

Amongst the major companies that have distinguished themselves on the corporate scene and have demonstrated a fruitful commitment to bilateral relations between the two countries, APG Balkan became the recipient of the prestigious Italian Style award.

The Board of Directors personally supported the choice to award APG Balkan among other great and talented companies.

“Internationalisation defined by competitiveness: the brand new 1,500 m² plant with its three new production lines is the answer to growing market demand. Since its founding, APG’s branch in Serbia has been a strong point of reference for the luxury packaging market dedicated to perfumery and cosmetics.

These were the words of the President of the Italian-Serbian Chamber of Commerce, who praised our company.

Maniero-APG Balkan italian style

He continued: “Social responsibility, sustainability, accuracy, transparency and equality: these are the core values of the company and how they respectfully approach their work every day. A code of ethics that they apply inside and outside the company, where humans and environmental values work together to build a healthy, safe, inclusive and green working environment.”

Massimo Maniero, CEO of APG Balkan, shaking the award in his hands, concluded: “All of us at APG are proud that these are the values on which a great company like ours rests and that they are maintained throughout the different divisions. The real value is the human one.”

Congratulations APG Balkan!


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APG Balkan Doo premio italian style