Techniques, colors, and refinements: excellence comes from selecting the finest workmanship

There are not only excellent people behind our company’s great success but also excellent manufacturing processes.

It might seem obvious, but the choice of innovative machinery, expertise in design and engineering, and the selection of suitable and certified raw materials mirror our company’s commitment and serious approach to offering high-quality packaging and determination to compete in an ever-expanding market.

From simple boxes to the most valuable packaging dedicated to luxury perfumery, cosmetics, wine & spirits, a perfect design and realization of the required project is paramount for us at APG. We shape ideas through the careful combination of skills, production processes, and experience.

The Color Lab is one of our greatest strengths. At the Color Lab, every single color is automatically mixed starting from as many as 16 bases, all after a careful analysis by our expert colorist. Customization is something that happens all the time at APG.

More importantly with our Screen Printing department, we are able to apply colors and varnishes to any type of support giving an artistic touch to simple plain paper. Thanks to this technique we are also able to emphasize details of offset printing. By creating the frames in-house, our master screen printer is able to replicate even the tiniest details.

With Hot Printing, the most classy embellishments and refinements typical of high-end luxury packaging come to life. We use gloss, metallic effects, shiny and opaque pigments, holograms, decorations, and an infinite range of hues.

Besides the wonderful techniques mentioned above, we also exploit the endless possibilities of tone Cold Foil. This, in conjunction with our Color Lab, makes it virtually possible to satisfy every single need of our customers.

In short, each of our single triumphs comes from the choice of always offering packaging solutions that are tailored to each different project, which, promptly, confirms a great history of experience at Albertini Packaging Group.


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