Green “breakthrough” for Albertini Packaging Group

Renewable resources, geothermal energy, carbon footprint, eco-friendly packaging: Albertini Packaging Group’s green breakthrough begins here. In the last few years, social awareness of the environment has grown significantly, a trend driven by standards regulating sustainable development and by consumer attitudes, that are increasingly aware and sensitive to the future of the planet. In such a context, corporate […]

Solidarity among colleagues in need

“I gift you a day off” –is the solidarity initiative that some APG employees devised to aid a colleague in need. What are the solidarity holidays and how do they work? Solidarity holidays are earned leave days transferred – for free – to colleagues to allow them to provide assistance to first-degree relatives who require constant care […]

In-house guided tour for Don Milani di Robecco sul Naviglio middle school students

APG opened the doors of its plant to middle school students at the Istituto Don Milani di Robecco sul Naviglio for a guided tour of the company. The aim of the teaching strategy was to offer the younger children an opportunity to experience first-hand what goes on in a paper products plant, allowing them to see live demonstrations […]