Albertini opens its doors to the “Unione Industriali Grafici Cartotecnici Trasformatori Carta e Affini”

The Executive Board of the “Unione Industriali Grafici Cartotecnici Trasformatori Carta e Affini” recently took place and, APG, as a board member, hosted the delegation at its headquarters.

The meeting was divided into two parts: first, APG welcomed guests and led the participants on a tour of the production plant, an experience that captured everyone’s attention and involvement; second, the Committee examined and discussed the Association’s ongoing activities.

“Show your factory to those who passionately do the same job”, remarked Emilio Albertini – President of APG – “It is a sign of open-mindedness in discussing issues of common interest, a moment in which sharing experiences may contribute to mutual improvement and developing possible synergies”.

The initiative is the beginning of a series of itinerant events organized by the Association with the aim of encouraging the participation and collaboration of member companies


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