Green “breakthrough” for Albertini Packaging Group

Renewable resources, geothermal energy, carbon footprint, eco-friendly packaging: Albertini Packaging Group’s green breakthrough begins here.

In the last few years, social awareness of the environment has grown significantly, a trend driven by standards regulating sustainable development and by consumer attitudes, that are increasingly aware and sensitive to the future of the planet. In such a context, corporate ethical commitment becomes a crucial and distinctive factor, a journey the Albertini Packaging Group has decided to undertake through a series of initiatives and measures involving processes, technologies, raw materials and, finally, people.

First of all, half the company’s auto fleet has been replaced with hybrid vehicles and soon that will be 100%. As for energy savings, the company has implemented a geothermal system in one of the production plants and an LED lighting system as well. Other measures include:  procuring energy from renewable sources and implementing a carbon footprint analysis that will measure CO2 emissions, followed by green carbon offset projects throughout Italy.

The company’s green corporate choices go well beyond this. APG obtained ISO 14001, FSC and PEFC environmental management certifications aimed at improving credibility and reputation. Significant resources are constantly invested in the purchase of new machines with improved energy efficiency. These include the UV LED printing lines that offer up to 90% in savings of electric energy.

APG pays particular attention to environmental stewardship in its packaging production process. Its “paper box set” project was ranked among the four finalists at the Luxepack in Green Awards 2019 in the Best Sustainable Packaging Solutions category.

The company has set its sights on becoming more and more green and setting a best practices example for the industry.