APG certifies the recyclability of its packaging

Consistently sensitive to environmental issues, APG has begun a recyclability certification process for its packaging materials. The goal is to provide its clients with reliable information, backed by scientific methods, about the recyclability of its products.

Through laboratory simulation of the conditions under which paper processors recycle paper, it is possible to measure the level of recyclability of any paper or cardboard product, even if it has been printed, glued, bonded or laminated. Based on the outcome of the laboratory tests, the product is ranked at one of four levels of recyclability – from a minimum to a maximum designation – and is certified with a registered trademark.

This ‘classification’ is the ideal means to orient the design of paper items toward eco-design principles, ascertain conformity with existing regulations that require recyclable packaging and, lastly, to inform consumers of the level of recyclability achieved.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information about certifying the recyclability of your packaging.