APG patents Tamper Evident system

In compliance with Directive 2011/62/EU, APG patents the Tamper Evident system for pharmaceutical packaging.

The regulation calls for all pharmaceutical products sold in Europe to be packaged in pharmaceutical boxes with safety features that clearly indicate whether the external packaging has been tampered with or counterfeited.

APG’s patented method consists of a ‘mechanical’ box closure system designed to protect and highlight the integrity of the package, thus reassuring the end user that its contents have not been tampered with.

With this system, the box can only be opened after breaking a small strip on the back of the package. This break remains clearly visible, even after the package has been re-closed, thereby providing visual confirmation that it was opened.

Thanks to its Tamper Evident system, APG can deliver tamper-proof boxes compliant with the directive without forcing pharmaceutical companies to modify their machines and processes or to employ additional materials, like glue or labels. The traditional packaging process also stays the same.

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