APG is proud to support great projects in favor of inclusivity

Once again, this year, APG delightfully participated at the great event organized by “Il Balzo Cooperativa Sociale”.

The association is dedicated to the implementation of socially inclusive projects dedicated to children and young people with disabilities.

APG has been following and supporting the project “La Banca del Tempo Sociale” (The Social Time Bank) for many years and through various educational and social paths aimed at social integration, it has always succeeded in creating new experiences and exploring new realities for disabled youth.
Projects as such are only possible thanks to the participation of young volunteers. It is only with their dedication and support we match the clear desire to build a more integrated society through inclusivity.

“Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if the reality we know were a little different?”

This sentence marks the beginning of the short film “Il mondo sottosopra” (The Upside Down World) written, made, and performed by the youth of this project.
They have imagined an upside-down inclusive world in which people who are considered “different” are precisely the people who are considered “normal.”

After all, we are all different, but that is what makes us all the same.

We at APG are proud to be a supporter of this and many other projects organized by Il Balzo.  APG CEO Michal Sobieski stated the following, “By stepping towards this path, young people become the key, as they lay the foundations for personal growth and an opening towards a more conscious and altruistic social and work reality, in which inclusivity will put aside the stereotype of “diversity”.”

APG supporta La banca del Tempo Sociale