Covid-19 Emergency: preventive measures implemented in APG


In light of the most recent measures taken by the Ministerial Council on 9 March 2020, APG clarifies the following:

  • production activities at the plants located in Lombardy and in Serbia continue, as scheduled, unimpeded
  • the company is implementing all the preventive measures listed by the Ministry of Health, specifically:
    1. Ensuring appropriate information, sharing the recommendations for prevention specified by the Ministry and providing accurate information, including specific references from trustworthy sources
    2. Ensuring appropriate cleaning of the premises
    3. Promoting and facilitating careful, frequent handwashing by providing soap and all the necessities to ensure effective cleansing
    4. Preventing crowded situations, that is: the presence of many people in closed areas where it is not possible to ensure appropriate distance between individuals, avoiding “face-to-face” encounters
    5. Conducting meetings by video conference and home working whenever possible
  • to date, there have been no cases of contagion among company staff working on site. Should a dangerous situation arise, the company will follow the procedures indicated by the Ministry of Health, informing the appropriate authorities
  • shipment of goods to and from the rest of Italy and Europe is allowed and will continue as scheduled
  • in dealing with any emergency situations that might arise, orders would be promptly routed to our trusted partners, already tested in the past and certified by quality assurance managers, to ensure compliance with agreed-upon terms and schedules.

We are here to provide additional information or answer any questions you might have.

The Management