From Albertini Packaging Group, the anti-tampering system for the pharmaceutical sector

Today it is really important to guarantee the safety of the contents of the packaging. Especially when dealing with pharmaceutical products. European legislation 2011/62/EU requires that starting in 2019, all pharmaceutical products sold in Europe must be contained in cases specific for drugs equipped with security features that allow the integrity of the packaging to be verified. In this particular case it is therefore necessary that creativity, design and technology cooperate and are integrated to come up with tamper-proof packaging.

Albertini Packaging Group, which has been specializing in packaging for 70 years, has put the three qualities into action, successfully patenting its own anti-counterfeiting system, redesigning a full-scale Tamper Evident design for pharma packs. The innovative anti-tampering system allows the opening of the case only after the breaking of a small flap designed to be totally evident and reveal any alteration. It is possible to close the pack, but impossible to hide the evident attempted tampering.

anti-tampering albertini packaging box tamper evident

Thanks to its Tamper Evident system, Albertini Packaging is able to distribute tamper evident packaging in compliance with EU regulations, without pharmaceutical companies having to add glue or labels or reprogram their production processes. A further security for them that, taking advantage of this anti-tampering patent, do not need to disrupt their packaging process.

anti tampering albertini packaging box tamper evident