From the concept to the final product, APG’s signature packaging is always done to perfection

What are the secrets that make APG a highly successful company? Over the years, APG has implemented new technologies and improved all production processes in addition to being recognized as one of the most qualified companies in the Italian and international markets. As mentioned before, our prestigious processing and refinements make our packaging rich and luxurious both in appeal and impeccable quality.
All due credit must be also given to the raw materials and tools that make it possible for a simple packaging box to be a masterpiece.

The Paper we use comes from controlled forests and holds FSC and PEFC certifications. This is our way of supporting the environment while being committed to sustainability and responsible when using natural resources.

Unlike most of our competitors, at APG, we integrate our production process from start to finish, beginning with paper reel-to-sheet cutting. This unique feature allows our company to source directly from manufacturers and be extremely flexible.

One of our most creative departments is undoubtedly the Graphic Technical Department, where design ideas and packaging engineering solutions are created, which in turn create future boxes and cartons that effectively meet the diverse needs of our loyal clients.
Shapes, colors, and finishings come to life in this department.

The product is now ready to move on to printing, followed by various finishing processes, and finally, die-cutting. From concept to the final shape, precision control during the die-cutting phase is mandatory to ensure that every product is flawless and perfect. Through integral separation techniques and together with in-house molding machinery, we are able to ensure consistent quality.

Another one of our strengths is the in-house production of the tools and equipment suitable for die-cutting. Thanks to our integrated die-cutting workshop, we do not need to outsource this service, which provides significant advantages in monitoring, quality, and, needless to say, in terms of speed for the company and for our customers.

Furthermore, APG boasts state-of-the-art technology for the delicate Folding and Gluing process. It is during this step that our machinery ensures zero defects, even on very small boxes, guaranteeing extremely precise gluing. This precision, in turn, allows for consistent designs and finishes across all types of printing, as well as a consistently perfect closure of the packages.

We take pride in our products, the result of meticulous processes that, along with the skilled work of our collaborators, make APG a leading company dedicated to innovation and oriented towards new, larger markets in the luxury & prestige sector.


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