Hot foil stamping for elegance and style: Maison RANCÉ1795 Timeless Heritage and Contemporary Excellence packaging

The finish you choose is a way to embellish and highlight some parts of the print job; it will shape the perceptual qualities of the packaging. Among these, hot foil stamping is undoubtedly one of the techniques that most actively engages the consumer in pleasant sensory experiences, primarily the sense of touch. In use for decades at APG, this finish lends brilliance and metallic effects to the printed product and is sure to last over time, whether on paper or other substrates.

What is hot foil stamping?

It begins with the creation of a personalized engraving; then, a sheet of metal, or foil, is layered between a plate (called a cliché) and the substrate to be printed; then, using heat, a color layer is applied during the print phase.
Imitation gold or silver are among the most popular colors used in this specific technique but other metals or non-metallic colors are possible. Embossing and debossing can also be combined in a single pass, creating tactile contrasts between the various surfaces.

A fine example of craftsmanship that combines gold or silver hot foil stamping and embossing are the one-of-a-kind, extremely luxurious packages designed and fashioned over the years by APG for the imperial Maison RANCÉ1795 fragrances. Special attention goes into the choice of materials for the sumptuous graphic designs. The paper is always different – embossed, pearlized, metalized – embellished with hot foil stamping, mostly in gold, intended to proclaim the Maison’s identity and convey (through the packaging) the concept of excellence and artisan craftsmanship that have set RANCÉ1795 apart for 225 years. Embossed logos and text produce even more exciting effects by creating a sculpted surface effect. Even the fonts themselves are always different, with contrasts between the inner and outer colors. Special care goes into the packaging of the Imperial collection (see image) entirely designed and produced for the Maison. It is made up of several minutely die-cut and hand-glued pieces that, along with the finishes, turn the packaging into a real true jewel.

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