An inclusive day in the company of all the kids from Il Balzo onlus

As usual, this year we once again had the pleasure of spending a day with the kids from the “Il Balzo Onlus” Social Cooperative in Rozzano, part of the “I Bambini delle Fate” project.

Since 2006, the association has proudly and diligently worked on social and inclusive projects aimed at supporting and socially rehabilitating children and teenagers with disabilities. They receive significant support from many volunteers, particularly students, who share their time and engage in educational activities with the kids from the association.

These shared moments foster personal and relational growth, where each individual’s contribution helps create a society that is open to everyone.

In June, the “La Banca del Tempo Sociale” project — active in various Italian cities — awarded 40 scholarships to the most deserving students, worth 39,000 euros. This well-deserved recognition honors all the students driving significant cultural change, where activities shared with their disabled peers become great opportunities for a conscious and prejudice-free future.

At APG, we have always believed in the values of social responsibility and the importance of actively contributing to the growth and well-being of the community. Our ongoing support for projects, such as our renewed participation in various Il Balzo initiatives, allows us to strengthen the social values we believe in.

“These are fundamental values for today’s society, where young people are the protagonists of the future. We believe that the commitment of companies is essential to help create and support a solid community network to back them, aiming to shape a more aware, responsible, and fully inclusive social and work reality,” confidently states Michal Sobieski, CEO of Albertini Packaging Group.

The day we spent with all the kids from Il Balzo was an opportunity to appreciate how the proactive attitude of young people is a tremendous resource for a more equitable and integrated tomorrow, where diversity is not seen as a handicap but as a tangible possibility equal to all others.