Albertini Packaging embraces and introduces whistleblowing

whistleblowing APG

Whistleblowing has effectively become a legal obligation that involves the establishment of an internal electronic channel within companies, dedicated to receiving reports on irregularities that occur within companies. At APG, we wish to communicate that we accept and willingly comply with European directives regarding ESG (Environmental Social Governance). In particular, with Law 179/2017 concerning whistleblowing, […]

Inspiration and Innovation for APG – on Display at PCD Paris

PCD Paris 24 APG

Investing in the future of your brand today means staying abreast with trends that are becoming increasingly dynamic within a rapidly evolving market. It means being prepared for change and coming up with new ideas to provide fresh stimuli to your image. Packaging plays a crucial role in this; it is the driving force behind […]

Acts of kindness fill APG’s Christmas with joy

Natale APG 2023

The true essence of Christmas embodies joy, smiles, positivity, and acts of kindness. At Albertini Packaging, we firmly believe in that, and that belief motivates us to cherish our values and support noble causes. “We take pride in backing and contributing to the growth of small yet impactful projects aimed at educating young minds and […]

APG prepares for PCD Paris: a festival of creativity and innovation

Albertini Packaging PCD Paris 2024

High quality, sustainability, and attention to detail: that’s how we at Albertini Packaging will present our packaging at PCD Paris. An event that can’t be missed, PCD Paris will be held on the 17th & 18th of January, 2024. This event will host the best producers of components in the high-end perfume sector. Over the […]

Home Fragrances Packaging: luxury has a new scent

home fragrances packaging APG

In recent years, the scented candle market has witnessed significant growth, linked to the increase in time spent at home and a new concept of well-being and relaxation. The pandemic has forcibly shifted the focus towards spending more time in domestic settings and how to make the time spent at home more enjoyable. The scented […]

APG Luxury Packaging Takes Center Stage at the World’s Most Creative Show

Albertini Packaging a Luxe Pack 2023

The 35th edition of the most creative and internationally renowned event dedicated to the world of luxury packaging is just around the corner. This will be an occasion to narrate the history of Albertini Packaging through our accomplishments, telling the world how APG has excelled in the Italian market for almost a century. A company […]

Techniques, colors, and refinements: excellence comes from selecting the finest workmanship

lavorazioni APG

There are not only excellent people behind our company’s great success but also excellent manufacturing processes. It might seem obvious, but the choice of innovative machinery, expertise in design and engineering, and the selection of suitable and certified raw materials mirror our company’s commitment and serious approach to offering high-quality packaging and determination to compete […]

APG is proud to support great projects in favor of inclusivity

APG supporta La banca del Tempo Sociale

Once again, this year, APG delightfully participated at the great event organized by „Il Balzo Cooperativa Sociale“. The association is dedicated to the implementation of socially inclusive projects dedicated to children and young people with disabilities. APG has been following and supporting the project „La Banca del Tempo Sociale“ (The Social Time Bank) for many […]