The double life of luxury packaging

How many times have we felt sad about having to throw away beautiful packaging? Designer packaging with eye-catching colors and shapes has done its job often once its contents have been revealed.

By buying luxury packaging, however, you are not just buying a product. You are buying a brand and a status, as well as the innovative materials used and those finishing touches that help communicate the values of the brand. Those distinguishing marks will capture your attention and make you remember them.

Many of the rigid boxes and luxury gift boxes that APG produces (mostly in its Belgrade division) are made from high-quality materials with designs that are both elegant and practical at the same time, so much so that they become an essential part of the experience both when buying and at home.

We like to think that our luxury packaging is not thrown away-especially for the sake of sustainability and the environment-but that it continues its life separate from the product and takes on new functionality.

APG luxury packaging atkinson

Many international brands prefer our coated rigid boxes due to the first-rate materials they are made from, the excellent craftsmanship that goes into them, the impeccable details, and the meticulous finishes that allow the pack to have a longer life. For example, a case made for a high-end perfume accompanied by an interior mirror and a silk-soft fabric lining allows precious and delicate objects to be stored and well preserved.

To sum up, we at APG like to imagine that our luxury packaging can continue to be a part of people’s lives, allowing them to preserve their most important moments and thus becoming memory boxes.


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APG luxury packaging