Albertini Packaging does good this Christmas

We are now in the middle of the most heartfelt festivities of the year. We are ready with a smile to take stock, to make new resolutions and to look forward to a less difficult future, one that will be better for us, for the environment and for everyone’s health.

Once again, Albertini Packaging brightens Christmas with altruism, committing to small, large-scale social initiatives. The company will donate the equivalent of the value of Christmas gifts to support school education and social inclusion.

As every year, we turn our thoughts to the Fondazione Istituto Rizzoli in Milan, a centre of excellence in the fields of graphic design, communication and multimedia. The contribution will support the expansion of educational activities and technological innovation for all its students. After all, if there is no education, there is no future.

We also focus on inclusiveness: this is why we have proudly chosen to support I Bambini delle Fate in Rozzano. The social enterprise, thanks to its commitment, successfully carries out the project La Banca del Tempo Sociale dedicated to the development of inclusion programmes for children with disabilities.

President Emilio Albertini states “We are proud to be able to offer our contribution in solidarity for two such important causes that work in the general interest of others. Vocational training is certainly the key to enhancing students’ potential and preparing them to approach a changing work environment.

It is also important, however, to support inclusion programmes that foster social relationships between students and young people with disabilities, and in which both can benefit from one another’s experiences. The future must be full of hope.”

So, this is how President Emilio Albertini transforms Christmas into a truly Merry Christmas.

With the hope that the new year will be full of novelties,

the company and the employees of Albertini Packaging Group

wish you all a Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

Albertini Packaging natale 21