Inclusiveness: Albertini Packaging’s support for the “La Banca del Tempo sociale” continues

The company’s commitment to supporting the social activities of “La Banca del Tempo Sociale” in Rozzano continues. The association has been working for years on projects aimed at the integration of children and young people affected by autism and other disabilities.

In particular, Albertini Packaging follows the “Il Balzo” project, which thanks to personalized socio-educational activities aimed at both individuals and groups, has successfully allowed kids with disabilities to live and explore a normal social life.

The project is made effective by the support of young people and student volunteers who share their time, places and their conviviality, whether it is going to the cinema together or visiting a monument or eating a sandwich in the square.

Albertini Packaging is proud to support a type of social integration that reflects the real needs of the community and really listens to them. Socialisation is the basis of emotional and relational growth that prepares young people for a more inclusive working future that is more respectful towards normal diversity. The company is even prouder to know that, thanks in part to its support, the objectives of “Il Balzo” have been far exceeded, resulting in social-relational benefits for both the disabled children and the student volunteers.


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