Elegant and sensorial: this is how APG enhances the new Frescobaldi packaging  

The work of Albertini Packaging Group always represents excellence and elegance. Especially when luxury brands are involved.

Frescobaldi, one of the most important producers on Italian wine, has chosen Albertini Packaging to create the packaging for the sparkling wine Leonia Cuvèe Voyage, the most recent creation but one that is already being promoted as one of the top wines of the Tuscan winery. The packaging, elegant and casual, perfectly reflects the soul of the product. Truly luxurious packaging in every detail: from the choice of paper, to how it is processed, to the ennoblements.

The paper, with its intense black color and processed into pulp, is synonymous with excellence in luxury products that aim to leave a mark also through the senses. Albertini Packaging Group, with its 70 years of experience in the combination of quality and elegance – already proven in the cosmetics and haute parfumerie sectors – combines for Frescobaldi this type of paper with the most refined finishing.

As for the packaging, the embossed finish was chosen to enhance the hot tamping and the elegance of the bronze, glossy black and silver colors. The result is a captivating and sophisticated packaging that highlights the importance of its contents. Albertini Packaging has captured its nuances and transformed them into a refined visual and tactile experience.


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