Albertini Packaging on the side of solidarity together with Pink Frogs

One of the latest projects chosen by Albertini Packaging and aimed at the social sustainability is called Circular Beauty. The initiative devised by Pink Frogs, a cosmetic manufacturing company, involves the paper-making company in collaboration with other selected supply chain partners.The Circular Beauty sustainable cosmetics project is unique in its intent: thanks to the support of participating suppliers willing to offer their stocks of materials, various personal hygiene products will be made and donated to non-profit associations that will redistribute them within their own networks.

A project whose soul with a social, environmental, and economic responsibility,

On this occasion, the brands Collistar, Eurovetrocap and Albertini Packaging took part in the manufacturing of bottled shampoo and Albertini, specifically, produced 5000 labels for that. The products were then donated to the association Pane Quotidiano, in Milan.

Circular Beauty is an initiative that Albertini Packaging Group has enthusiastically embraced and which reinforces the company’s values of sustainability and solidarity.