APG specializes in the production of boxes with sharp corners

Despite the pandemic, APG stays proactive and forward-focused, launching a new specialty: the production of boxes with “sharp corners”.

This innovation is the result of an investment in technology – the Zechini Symphony automatic grooving machine – at the APG Balkan plant in Serbia. It offers some special features, including making 1 to 3 mm grooves in cardboard to produce boxes, magnetic stripswith and covers with sharp corners. The machine’s output is 15/20 pcs per min on a 100cm max format.

“We are convinced that investing in technology is essential if we want to increase our competitive edge in the market”, remarked Massimo Maniero CEO of APG Balkan. “We are already engaged in a project for a major client in southern Europe and, for us, this is a point of pride and a confidence booster, especially in times like these, when companies need to start up again as soon as possible. By combining “grooved” products with “kiss cut” products, we can cater to our clients’ needs, offering them complete solutions. This special die-cutting technique adds value to the object, making it even more unique and sophisticated”.

APG Balkan is specialized in the manufacture of wrapped rigid boxes for the cosmetics and luxury markets, while the printing and finishing processes take place at the Milan headquarters.