Managing Phase 2 Covid-19 at APG: full steam ahead but in absolutely safe conditions

Phase 2 of Covid-19 is about to begin and at APG we are assessing how to manage work activities in the coming months. One thing is certain: work will continue, but in absolutely safe conditions.

May 4, 2020 is the opening date for many manufacturing operations; for others, considered essential for the country, work never stopped. APG is among those, and immediately implemented all of the safety measures aimed at preventing the risk of contagion and ensuring work continued as usual.

But what will actually change in Phase 2? Due to global economic uncertainty, the company is preparing for a gradual return to full operation; a lot will also depend on what governments decide in terms of assistance to businesses. However, even crises can have a silver lining – APG always looks for opportunities it can leverage and will continue to do.

The pandemic set a process of digital transformation in motion. The possibilities immediately became clear to management and staff, who swiftly adapted to some previously unexplored work methods. A full 80% of our office staff is working remotely, successfully maintaining our relationships with clients, suppliers and partners. Technology also made it possible to continue to hold meetings through video-conferencing platforms and to expand skill sets through online updating courses. The use of digital tools has proven useful and effective in advancing sales and marketing relationships. Bottom line: digital transformation and staff response to it can only be seen as positive.

In Phase 2, most of the office staff will continue to work remotely, while making occasional on-site appearances when necessary. As far as safety measures are concerned, we will continue to apply the measures implemented in Phase 1 and comply with any future provisions. Strict rules for those who work in-house: the use of PPE, disinfectants and constant cleaning of the workplace. It is crucial not to thwart the progress made thus far.

In terms of production, forecasting the future is not easy. The situation will develop day by day, depending in part on market recovery. It is possible that the pharmaceutical production department will be the one to ramp up work first, and perhaps cosmetics will continue unfazed, especially abroad. APG is also working on some interesting innovations that will strengthen its image and ability to compete.