Letter of the President Emilio Albertini to the employees

Dear all,

At this complex time for our Country and the whole world, I would like to address my thoughts and closeness to all of you.

An unpredictable event in the modern era has affected our lives. My priority is to ensure our health and safety, at the same time, to safeguard the future of the company.

A series of worrying news and extraordinary measures came and left in a few days, not least the suspension of all economic activities not considered essential. But we have not stopped, we are moving forward in order to ensure that supply chains considered of strategic importance for the Country, including ours, are fully operational and functional. And we should be proud of what we have done so far by continuing to battle on together.

I would like to thank you because in the difficulty you are still working with passion and a great sense of responsibility. Special thanks goes to all employees who have remained in their workplace to ensure production continuity.

There are difficult days ahead, caused by the continued epidemic crisis and which will inevitably create temporary contractions in the production, but we must go forward because I am sure that, once again, we will be able to express our best with courage and determination.

Hoping this bad time goes away as soon as possible, i wish you and your families a Good Easter.

Emilio Albertini