Update on the Covid-19: production at APG continues uninterrupted

In light of the most recent restrictive measures taken by the Ministerial Council on 22 March 2020, and further emendments taken by the MISE on 26 March 2020, APG informs its clients, suppliers and third-party partners of the following:

  • Production activities at the plants located in Italy and in Serbia continue unimpeded. Paper transformation chain with code ATECO 17.21 together with Pharmaceutical one of which APG is a part, are considered of strategic importance for the Country, thus preserving the company from any present and future interruptions;
  • No problems of supply of raw materials and products have been detected;
  • Shipments of goods to and from Italy remain unaffected;
  • The company is implementing all the preventive health and hygiene measures recommended by the Ministry of Health and already noted in the previous announcement on 17 March 2020. In addition, body temperature is measured for all office staff;
  • The above-mentioned point is strengthened by our ISO 15378 certification (the only paper processing company in Italy to have it) giving us an added advantage in terms of the already strict in-house procedures for thorough cleaning/non-contamination of the product;
  • Wherever possible, telework for office staff is continuing;
  • There have been no cases of Covid-19 contagion at the company;

We are committed to constantly providing updated information and clarification.

The Management