Better control for the production of Braille texts: Tacto is in-house

The Robecco sul Naviglio-based paper converting company has long embraced machine technology as one of its innovative processes.

New 4.0 purchases populate the industrial sector, from a perspective that aims increasingly towards the complete internal production of the tools necessary for processing.

The decision not to outsource certain processes is strongly supported by Albertini Packaging and has proven to be one of its strong points and is what makes it stand out from its competitors. The introduction of the Tacto machine is one of these. It is the definitive solution for the production of Braille laminations. Tacto is implemented alongside the in-line embossing machines already present in the company, such as the Bobst Accubraille.

The machine allows you to program directly on a display connected to the integrated software. It is capable of producing up to six lines of Braille tacks through dot placement programming. This will allow text to be produced both vertically and horizontally. Zero margin of error and embossing that meets Fefco standards.

Tacto’s precision and speed shorten the processing and control time. And they guarantee a very high level of safety and quality, fundamental requirements for production aimed at specific sectors such as the pharmaceutical one, to which Albertini Packaging is particularly attentive.