The vehicles of Albertini Packaging have an extra gear: sustainability

Today, the market and public opinion pay particular attention to the issue of sustainability. This is reflected in a more conscious approach by consumers and companies. Some of these are setting up a different business model by adhering to investments with a more green footprint.

A path that Albertini has embraced for some time and that also concerns the choice of its corporate fleet. In its commitment to minimizing its environmental impact, such as carbon emissions, the company for several years has switched to hybrid and plug-in vehicles, where the energy supply is produced from renewable sources.

This choice is in line with its values and includes production, mobility and waste disposal. Albertini Packaging makes its small but important contribution to overcoming the massive problem of climate change. By demonstrating a strong corporate and social responsibility, the paper converting company stands as a model of sustainable business for its employees, its customers and its competitors.