Luxury Packaging, aesthetics are no longer enough

Whenever we choose a product, whether in a store or online, the first bit of information we receive is from the packaging. Over the years, packaging has become a real communication tool: in addition to informing us about the content, it gives us an idea of what values distinguish the manufacturer, and the type of buyer it is aimed at.

Neuromarketing teaches us that one of the factors that influence a person’s decision to purchase is actually the set of components that make up the packaging: the shape of the box, the colors, the types of finishes and ennoblements that have been chosen.

Aesthetics become an added bonus, telling us something more than just the brand identity. In the case of perfumery and high-end cosmetics, packaging is expected to correspond to the anticipation of luxury associated with the brand, with sensory ennoblements involving sight and touch.

But that’s not all: in recent years, luxury has come to connote sustainability, in which the elements chosen for both the product and its packaging represent an added value. For the luxury sector, aesthetic choices no longer seem to be enough; in fact, sustainable choices have been added, with the use of materials and processes that have a minimal environmental impact. Safeguarding the environment is a responsibility that concerns buyers and informs their behavior, but of necessity it is one that arises directly from brands and companies themselves.

If, on the one hand, consumers are becoming more discerning, looking for products that pay attention to details, quality and ethical choices, then, on the other hand, packaging companies are responding by introducing innovations processes and machinery that can guarantee better control, greater safety and less waste. Technology and responsible choices that reinterpret luxury in a sustainable way.

The Albertini Packaging company, with its more than 60 years of production, has always had a revolutionary and innovative approach, constantly in step with global trends, from packaging design, to the introduction of state-of-the-art machinery, to insourced work processes and various certifications in favor of a policy of sustainability. With far-sighted investments, Albertini Packaging responds to the different needs of its customers, offering, especially for the luxury sector, high quality printing, finishings and ennoblements, which accompany the construction of new brand identities with eco-compatibility.