Carbon neutral water bottles for employees: APG pursues its green policies

There’s no stopping APG’s good practices in environmental stewardship. The most recent program engages all of the company’s employees in a waste-reduction awareness campaign that includes the use of plastic, one of the leading causes of environmental pollution on the planet.

To promote conscious behaviors, the company gave all of its staff lightweight, reusable, zero-emission aluminum Green Bottles.  Their use limits the consumption of throw-away plastic and the carbon footprint of the bottles is offset through reforestation projects across all of Italy, carried out in partnership with Rete Clima Italia, making them carbon-neutral.

With its Green Bottles initiative, APG contributed to reforestation of the Parco Nord Milano with total compensatory measures equivalent to 260kg CO2.
The company’s invitation to its employees to participate in the sustainability programs is part of a larger series of policies already in practice at the corporate level that involve raw materials, processes, technologies and human resources.