Emilio Albertini is Oscar della Stampa 2019 entrepreneur of the year

Wednesday, December 4, 2019, the 28th edition of the Oscar della Stampa Excellence in Printing awards was held at Palazzo Mezzanotte, Milan’s stock exchange building.

Among the recipients, Emilio Albertini was named 2019 entrepreneur of the year for the visionary growth and diversification of a leading Italian paper processing business, accomplished through courage and determination, and for his ability to face new market challenges. The award was presented by Heidelberg.

The winners of this edition were decided by a 9-member jury: Enrico Barboglio, CEO of Stratego Group; Renzo Callegari, production consultant at Cheil Italy; Valentina Carnevali, Chief Marketing Manager of Stratego Group and Secretary-General of DMA Italia; Fausto Ceolini, corporate consultant for the Industry 4.0 plan; Luca Fiammenghi, Advanced Graphics Techniques Professor at Politecnico di Milano; Stefano Lavorini, Editor of ItaliaImballaggio magazine; Franco Martinetti, Art Director; Giuseppe Peccati, Founder of Asso Prod and partner in Event management; Marco Sachet, industry expert.

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