Efficiency and flexibility at the customer service

The Albertini Packaging Group purchasing campaign continues. This time the choice falls on the distribution system, becoming part of the renewal program launched by the company in the last two years.The vehicular fleet is enriched by two truck Renault, articulated vehicles capable of handling large delivery volumes and travelling long distances.

“Among our strengths,” says Emilio Albertini – APG’s Owner and Assografici‘s President, “We’re able to boast a centralized management of the entire production chain up to the logistics management; having the availability of a rich vehicles fleet is one of our operational strategies, because it improves the quality of the service and the speed of response to customer requests. Investing in new vehicles also makes it possible to reduce pollution emissions, a goal that the company is pursuing with a view to a sustainable environmental policy“.

We recall that APG has already replaced 50% of diesel-powered company cars with hybrid vehicles and expects to reach 100% within a short time.”