ESG Manager: A New and Fundamental Resource Added to APG

In recent times, the value and concept of ESG have emerged as a major focus for companies, in particular, for us at APG. This is why we have decided to incorporate a new position within our company. A role that is central to the monitoring and management of practices related to social responsibility.

Our ESG Manager-focused on Environmental Social Governance-will be able to ensure the company’s compliance with environmental and energy regulations, along with those of equity and inclusion, and therefore, governance of the entire corporate ecosystem.

In this context, the ESG Manager will take on a primary role, whose task will be to optimize resources and propose eco-sustainable initiatives along with development models necessary to maintain the correct balance between the environment and the company, along with its supply chain and employees.

This is an important position, especially for our paper industry, as the appointed individual will go on to define and implement a suitable sustainability strategy, assessing risks and different opportunities.

While also ensuring that the goals set by the company’s policy are pursued and achieved. The Sustainability Manager selected by APG will ensure the functioning of environmental policies imposed by the European Policy Directive (CSRD 2022/2464 of 14/12/22) related to waste disposal, CO2 emissions, and management of energy and water resources. Moreover, he/she will be responsible for identifying and designing initiatives that target results about quality performance and sustainability awareness inside and outside the company.

Our ESG Manager will be vital in managing the impact the company will have socially, environmentally, and economically, ensuring all strategic actions that are planned with the company are executed with respect to the bio-health benefits of APG’s complete ecosystem.


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APG esg manager