Competitiveness and success for the historic APG company

APG has been in business for over seventy years and boasts a long history of professionalism, innovation, and personality. Our identity has always stood out among our competitors thanks to our vision and ability to regularly adapt and transform ideas into great projects.

From technologically advanced machinery to the increasingly specialized development of our premium branch, our identity drives us to forge new business relationships and strengthen longstanding ones, with clients renewing their trust in us year after year. That is part of what makes APG a strong company: the ability to keep customer satisfaction high by offering a wide range of ever-changing products, behind which are ideas and concepts consistent with the needs of the packaging market.

Our company is taking this journey through time with the utmost satisfaction, studying the evolution of trends and the challenges posed by increasingly competitive markets.

We accommodate requests, in terms of quantity and quality, that reflect progressively larger numbers, and welcome new brands — both Italian and international — alongside established ones.

Among our recent creations are elegant cylindrical packs made for famous chef Cracco for the launch of his liquor line, cases for Pupa Milano, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, refined Christmas work for the French brand Goutal Paris, and precious hard boxes for the British brand Atkinsons.

In light of all this, we have recently decided to expand our luxury division, enlarging our workspaces, investing in new machinery, and increasing productivity by employing new highly skilled resources.

The results achieved in recent years confirm the excellent positioning of the APG brand in the luxury markets for fragrancescosmeticswine and spirits, and new home fragrances.

These achievements represent a positive response to the new clients and brands that rely on us, aware of the Italian excellence that is Albertini Packaging.


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