It’s always Earth Day with us!

The planet draws attention to the necessary union between ecology and technology. Sustainability and environmental responsibility are the fundamental requirements to support the green values in which a company should invest today to secure a future.

At APG, we are constantly looking for solutions that are of excellent quality for our customers but at the same time environmentally conscious. We want to give continuity to the green generation, careful to build a sustainable future thanks to the preservation of all environments and the preservation of natural resources.

One of our ecological investments concerns the construction of a geothermal plant, which mainly serves our Pharma sector. The choice to use low-depth geothermal energy is one of the solutions that aims to reduce carbon dioxide and fine dust emissions.

Our investments have also involved lighting systems, which represent a great opportunity for responsible technology. The use of LEDs, in fact, guarantees the total absence of light pollution and the important reduction of UV and IR emissions.

Our commitment to the environment also extends to the recovery of waste and the maintenance of UNI EN ISO 14001, FSC and PFEC certifications.

Let’s rebuild tomorrow’s planet today.


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