Luxury is just around the corner!

The fact that you have to smooth out edges to be perfect isn’t always the case. It’s quite the opposite!

In the paper industry, a hard-corner cardboard box offers distinctive aspects and functional advantages. Conceptualized with a unique design and created with high-quality materials embellished with original details, the hard-corner cardboard box can effectively enhance the product, making it appealing and outstanding at first sight.

The production of hard-corner cardboard boxes is expanding steadily within the APG Balkan division that spearheads the production of such a high-caliber product.

Since 2021, new machines have been introduced, such as the grooving machine, which is precisely suited for creating sharp edges, and the automatic tapping machine, used to add a rigid cover to our boxes.

These two machines are undoubtedly two of the most unquestionable assets that help us create excellent quality products.

“It is precisely the constant requests from different and new customers that confirm the quality of our processing, proving that APG is increasingly competitive in the Italian and foreign markets,” said Massimo Maniero CEO of APG Balkan.

We couldn’t agree more. In a market that is now almost saturated with offers, the determination to ensure excellence, especially in the luxury sector, is what sets the Albertini Group apart from the others.

The Albertini Group is dedicated to helping brands build a clear identity by communicating that through their products.

“Our products are more than just well-crafted packaging, whether they are aimed at the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, or high-end perfume industry, our products always succeed in transferring the idea of an accurate and valuable product,” said Michal Sobieski, CEO of APG. He went on to add the following, “Particularly in the luxury industry, our hard-corner cardboard boxes with magnetized or regular covers give a sophisticated and elegant look in keeping with the brand image and values.

From environmentally friendly material choices to impeccable craftsmanship and original finishes, the goal is to convey a sense of exclusivity and high prestige.”

It is evident that APG is not only keen on creating technically flawless packaging for each client but, it is also dedicated to designing and proposing the best solution that adds that extra touch to making APG packaging a truly memorable experience.


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