New trends call, APG responds

What will be the new trends in luxury packaging in the coming years?

Based on our experience at LuxePack Monaco, we have gathered several new ideas and propositions that reflect the aesthetic needs and environmentally friendly demands of today’s packaging world.

Certainly, the trend will be to narrate through packaging stories and emotions that are expressed through a new design and experimentation of unboxing. Sophisticated finishes, bright and holographic colors, as well as rough and raw textures, give the packaging a new soul, filled with life.

A life of values, most of all ethical and sustainable values that open the doors to a new eco-sustainable society. After all, customers develop a need that responds to a new economy: that of recycling, organic and sustainability, which is more in line with the values of our society.

We at APG have long been committed to the circular economy, with great care for waste recycling and the promotion of sustainable and certified raw materials. We fully respond to the new green requests that preserve those luxury details, which highlight quality and refinement, especially with regard to social impact. Thanks to the different processes we are able to respond in an excellent manner to new market needs, particularly luxury market needs.

The new green economy is calling and we at Albertini Packaging are ready to respond with great luxury and eco-friendly solutions.


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