When packaging safeguards the environment

Never before has green awareness spread so quickly. In 2019, international organizations, governments, businesses and citizens, especially very young people, all joined in a very spirited public debate. A green wave that also affects the world of packaging. Albertini Packaging Group’s ongoing green commitment proves the point. «Awareness of environmental stewardship has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years», remarks Maggy Papa – Marketing & Communication Manager of APG – «And the packaging industry has been caught up in this movement. More and more businesses and consumers are choosing eco-friendly packaging that calls for responsible use of resources».
Albertini Packaging Group not only caters to these increasingly widespread demands, as seen in our Paper Box Set project but also, you could say, by setting a good example, investing in environmentally sustainable machinery and systems. An all-around green company.

To read the full Italia Grafica interview (Italian version), click here.


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