The year 2022 for Albertini Packaging Group is filled with new opportunities!

The year 2021 has accompanied Albertini Packaging Group through obstacles and success. Today the company is satisfied and can optimistically look forward to new markets and opportunities.

A glance at 2021

The CEO of Albertini Packaging Group – Michal Norbert Sobieski – looks back and describes 2021 as a year that ended with growth for all product types that the company specializes in. Specifically with regard to coated rigid boxes, which have recently become the company’s flagship product, and for which production has increased rapidly. Since the spring of last year – says the CEO proudly – volumes have doubled with a projection of a further doubling by 2022. This draws our attention to the Serbian branch, which is expanding positively, hand in hand with the Italian branch where the first phase of packaging production is carried out.

All in all, 2021 proved to be a year of recovery in which the impact of Covid and the related company structures were successfully addressed. Since mid-2021, we have witnessed a gradual recovery in orders, which reached pre-crisis levels as early as the fall and have stabilized at record levels today.


The challenges

The year 2021 has presented us with a number of difficulties – continues the CEO – such as inflation in the production sectors, including that of the paper industry. For example, cardboard has risen between 20 and 60%, the cost of energy has tripled and the cost of other auxiliary materials has at times increased by over 300%. The price increases have affected the final price of the products resulting in the management of customer relations which has obviously been quite delicate and sensitive.

Fortunately, we have the advantage of purchasing our raw materials directly from European suppliers, thereby reducing the problem of quotas and material shortages (but unfortunately not eliminating them), as well as managing paper cutting directly in our plant. The in-house cutting center, a unique feature on the market, allows us to have a fairly large stock at our disposal.


Looking ahead always

Departmental reorganizations, relocations, and then the pandemic, only slowed us down. Nevertheless, we look forward to this new year with positivity and expect to grow vigorously and double our numbers.

After having embraced new markets, such as the Wine&Spirits market, we are now looking optimistically towards the Nutraceutical and Fashion markets. Thanks to the growth of our Belgrade plant, we will be able to intensify the production of cases dedicated to cosmetics and perfumery. The Pharma sector, on the other hand, has already made a strong start last autumn, followed by the reinforcement of the package insert department.

However, our feet remain firmly on the ground. Medium-term forecasts are essential in order not to underestimate either the critical period that has not been completely surpassed or the evolution of customer relations.


The strength of APG quality

Undoubtedly, the success that has always distinguished APG is due to the quality of its products and services, which are becoming increasingly popular on the market. Today, in fact, in Europe we are part of that very small niche of high-quality packaging producers. Without a doubt.


Human touch has a great value

That extra mile that we go at Albertini Packaging Group is called the human factor. For us, people, all our employees, are the real engines. And as he says this, Michal Sobieski’s eyes twinkle with a smile.

On the one hand, our fleet is impressive and perhaps still underused. We proudly have all the technology we need to ensure high-quality standards, especially for extremely demanding sectors such as luxury and pharmaceuticals. All this potential investment, however, would be nothing without the expertise, sharp eye and team spirit of our employees. We have a very high level of seniority among our employees. This is because we rely heavily on young people who are trained internally with high possibilities for growth and new opportunities within APG.

With the double advantage of creating a team, keeping the know-how and quality intact and at the same time being ready to be able to compensate for the departure of personnel is considered very important.


The productive alliance between Italy and Serbia

We firmly believe that the human side and the family aspect are the real engines for the growth of the company. Without perfect teamwork, it would be impossible to coordinate the two locations. In particular, human and industrial synergies between Serbia and Italy are becoming more and more active and dynamic. Connections between Robecco and Belgrade collaborators are more and more strong. We are happy that our collaborators in Belgrade are enthusiastic and feel part of the big Albertini Packaging family.

In conclusion – says the CEO of APG – we wish you a year of continuous improvement together with professional and personal satisfaction. We are confident and always proud of the valuable collaboration of our employees in Robecco, Belgrade and Paris.

A big thank you to everyone.

Michal sobieski Albertini Packaging Group