Plastic coated packaging? Yes, but completely organic thanks to APG!

Can a laminated plastic case be thrown in the same bin as paper? Well, yes it can. While it may seem like a contradiction, thanks to the latest technology, we can actually start talking about bio-plastic that is completely recyclable with paper.

Some of our packaging used in the cosmetics industry is actually made of paper laminated with PLA bioplastic. At a time when brands have sustainability as one of their primary goals, we at APG are successfully meeting the need for recycling and biodegradability.

We are committed to improving the cycle of production, consumption and disposal, thus facilitating a circular economy. Making metallic finishes from PLA (a type of biodegradable plastic made from corn-based acid) on excellent raw materials does not negatively affect the beauty and quality of the packaging, thereby preserving the importance of aesthetics.

We at APG have successfully dedicated ourselves to this great challenge in order to offer our customers innovative solutions in terms of design and the use of cutting-edge technology.

It is certainly the case with the case we made for L’Orèal Paris, which is sustainable and made of 100% recyclable paper, embellished with a glossy finish and certified by Aticelca 502 (Italian Technical Association for Cellulose and Paper).

The packaging for L’Orèal Paris fully meets the customer’s requirements, and we at APG, thanks to a careful selection of materials and complex processes of conception, study and design, have created a totally sustainable product without neglecting its appeal or distorting the soul of the brand.

The decision made by L’Orèal Paris, which we shared, resulted in an excellently designed product. From the original idea to production, it is a clear demonstration of our ability to bring about a change in favour of eco-sustainability, in which we at APG want to continue to play a leading role.


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