APG continues to expand: a successful future for its luxury department

APG is once again showcasing great innovation. The potential for packaging with high-quality standards along with constant production improvements, both in technology and sustainability, have enabled APG to exponentially improve its value, specifically in the luxury packaging sector.

In recent years, demands have been increasing for cases and boxes in the cosmetics, perfumery, and wine & spirits markets. Major collaborations with Italian and foreign customers have also been on the rise. APG’s response has constantly been positive, understanding, and accommodating to the diverse needs of an ever-evolving market.

Therefore, the luxury packaging department is ready to satisfy greater production in terms of numbers and commitment.

„In the midst of all this, we at APG have proudly embraced a significant and positive change by expanding the luxury packaging department and relocating it to a more suitable space. Thereby, ensuring greater efficiency and safety for production, our employees, and faster deliveries to our customers,“ said CEO Michal Sobieski.

This is a big step for APG. With this change, APG is establishing yet another corporate success and sees the luxury department expansion as a positive boost in tackling increasingly demanding and competitive markets with more dedication.


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APG espansione reparto luxury