APG Balkan: inclusivity and production to success

Albertini Packaging Group has always placed ethical and social values such as equality and professional opportunity, at the forefront of its corporate policy. Employees are at the heart of the company, a fundamental part that APG acknowledges and for which the company invests in terms of training, growth and development of skills.

Giving employees proper recognition, providing adequate tools to work to the best of their ability, listening to and recognizing personal abilities and ensuring fair and merit-based employment without discrimination are some of the right incentives for a successful company like ours.

APG believes in this and does so with all three of its divisions. For example, if we take a look at the Balkan division, it is clear how the values of fairness and inclusivity are prominent.

Massimo Maniero, CEO of APG Balkan doo, tells us how an increase in projects and new international clients has led to an expansion not only in work but also in the number of professionals in different departments.

In mid-2021, the production department had only 15 employees, a year later it has grown to a total of 67 employees who are involved in the production, warehouse, and office work. More than 50 percent of these employees are women, some with specific expertise solely dedicated to the task of working with coated rigid boxes.

The career path of employees at APG must be meritocratic and, thanks to the skills acquired, it guarantees development and professional growth for all.

As a matter of fact, along with the increase in production volumes, new staff members such as supervisors and managers have also joined the company. They attend training and use the correct knowledge of techniques and tools to perfect the excellent level of quality.

Eventually, within a year, some of these new employees are already in advanced positions in the company. Proving that skill, precision and commitment lead to well-deserved goals and satisfaction.

We at Albertini Packaging are very proud of this.


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