APG’s wish for a hopeful future

Social responsibility and attention to sustainability are topics that we at APG consider very important. Not only because they respond to necessary business dynamics, but also because they symbolize the concept of renewal and hope, just as this period suggests.

For Albertini, renewal means constantly improving every phase of the production of our packaging, in order to align production times and volumes without compromising the excellent quality of each individual product.

This entails finding the best adaptability in the solutions we offer, by listening to the increasingly dynamic requests of our customers and markets in general. It means ensuring integrity and fairness towards all the collaborators of our company.The positive intention that we put into practice to meet the needs of our customers is the same one we embrace to leave the planet and society with the hope of a more transparent future.

The innovative processes and social responsibility that have always proudly represented the pillars of APG are driven by attention towards continuous renewal: that of a tomorrow that fully responds to the dignity of work, respect for the environment, and awareness of every resource that the planet offers us.


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