Sustainability of Natural Environments: APG’s Priority

Two important days are approaching this March, marking meaningful celebrations of the environment — World Water Day and the International Day of Forests.
These resources are crucial for our sector’s business processes, but they demand careful stewardship of natural ecosystems. Given the recent environmental challenges, there’s a pressing need for heightened awareness about responsible forest and water resource management.

Companies play a pivotal role in safeguarding our planet, which is why, at Albertini Packaging, we adhere to strict protocols to ensure sustainable resource management. Our environmental policies are deeply rooted in a business model that prioritises sustainability. For instance, our FSC and PSFC certifications guarantee the traceability and sustainable sourcing of paper.

The same level of commitment extends to water resource management. With global water demand increasing annually by 1%, it’s imperative to address the adverse effects of its misuse on climate change. At APG, our water facility designs ensure a balanced exchange between extraction and reintegration into the ground. We maintain strict controls over temperature and chemical-bacterial levels throughout this process, conducting regular analyses of water quality.

Our environmental initiatives, coupled with the adoption of innovative green technologies, underscore our ongoing efforts to enhance the sustainability of our entire supply chain. Additionally, APG is dedicated to reducing carbon dioxide and fine particle emissions through the utilisation of low-depth geothermal energy.

By adhering to ethical policies and implementing rigorous process monitoring, we strive to meet environmental challenges head-on. Our Bronze rating from EcoVadis, a global sustainability certification, is a testament to our commitment.

It’s a profound social responsibility that drives APG to prioritise the well-being of humanity. Together, we’re shaping a future that we can all be proud of.


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