Albertini Packaging embraces and introduces whistleblowing

Whistleblowing has effectively become a legal obligation that involves the establishment of an internal electronic channel within companies, dedicated to receiving reports on irregularities that occur within companies.

At APG, we wish to communicate that we accept and willingly comply with European directives regarding ESG (Environmental Social Governance). In particular, with Law 179/2017 concerning whistleblowing, we agree, intending to promote a culture of reporting irregularities within the company. Reports are anonymous, secure, and encrypted, allowing for full freedom of expression without fear of retaliation for those reporting any violations.

In the transparency of our corporate policy, we have implemented whistleblowing in a dedicated section on our website, not only to comply with EU laws but also as support to improve our governance and potentially act against illegal practices. This allows us to strengthen integrity and trust within our workplace. Reporting misconduct for us means becoming aware of an act of fraud or a risk that could harm colleagues, clients, and even our own reputation.

Albertini Packaging has always taken transparent actions to protect our facilities, employees, equity, inclusion, and environmental sustainability. Therefore, we consider it imperative to clearly communicate the introduction of Law 179/2017 (with subsequent D.L 24/2023), an effective tool to reinforce and uphold the values ​​that have always accompanied the company.

whistleblowing APG