Home Fragrances Packaging: luxury has a new scent

In recent years, the scented candle market has witnessed significant growth, linked to the increase in time spent at home and a new concept of well-being and relaxation.

The pandemic has forcibly shifted the focus towards spending more time in domestic settings and how to make the time spent at home more enjoyable. The scented candle market was valued at 533 million dollars in 2020, and according to Grand View Research, it is very likely to grow to 690.8 million dollars by 2028.

From domestic environments to those of hotels and spas, scented candles have made their mark in various sectors, especially in the luxury sector. This has presented a unique opportunity for major brands that have successfully diversified their offerings by focusing on investments dedicated to home fragrances, providing high-end products that effectively set themselves apart from simple personal care.

Luxury industry players with new offerings in this growing market have chosen APG to design and create their high-end packaging. From selecting the materials to choosing the most refined enhancements and embellishments, it’s always the details, coupled with the impeccable quality of our craftsmanship, that make our premium packs truly outstanding.

So, success has already been confirmed for our company once again. This victory in parallel with the expansion of the department dedicated to premium packaging and the growth of the APG Balkan division sees a positive expansion in the Italian and international markets thanks to the renewed needs of our loyal customers.


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